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SUMMARY Patients with Klippel-Trenaunay-Weber syndrome present with venous varices, cutaneous capillary malformations, and tissue hypertrophy, usually involving an extremity. A small but important subset also harbors arteriovenous malformations (AVMs) of the spine. We report 2 such cases, 1 with 3 concurrent spinal arteriovenous fistulas. These cases and(More)
AIM OF THE STUDY Orthosiphon stamineus (Labiatae) is a traditional folk medicine widely used in Southeast Asia for the treatment of several kidney disorders, gout and as a diuretic. This study was conducted to examine the diuretic and hypouricemic effects of Orthosiphon stamineus leaf extracts. MATERIALS AND METHODS The diuretic effect of different(More)
Ah&act-This paper presents a tuning method based on direct optimization. A model is first obtained by injecting a sum of sinusoids as an excitation signal; an off-line method is used to obtain the coefficients of a truncated Laguerre series model. Given this model, the gradient and Hessian with respect to the controller parameters are computed off-line,(More)
The belief that generic drugs are inferior to brand name drugs has been always under debate. Especially since the price of generic drugs is generally far cheaper than brand-name drugs. Although, this is because of waiving the preclinical studies and clinical trials for the generic drug, the quality, and purity of materials used for generic drug preparation(More)
Xanthine oxidase (XO) catalyses the conversion of hypoxanthine to xanthine and subsequently xanthine to uric acid. The increase of uric acid level in blood serum, which called hyperuricemia, can lead to major complications such as gout and kidney stones. Allopurinol that was introduced in 1966 is the most effective drug to inhibit xanthine oxidase activity,(More)
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