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Using electron microscopy, the authors studied neurons and their synapses in the cortical foci of the brain in patients (1) with brain tumours attended by epileptic seizures, (2) with tumours accompanied by no paroxysms, and (3) with epilepsy of unknown etiology. The material was obtained in the interparoxysmal period. Morphometric study of the(More)
The work discusses the results of a study of the overall electric activity of the cerebral cortex, its frequency analysis and integration in brain tumors attended with epileptic seizures. The changes in electric activity are correlated with the cortical ultrastructure and the oxygen balance in the brain tissue. The possible mechanisms responsible for the(More)
The brain and viscera of 19 persons who had died from acute closed craniocerebral trauma were studied histologically (survey methods). Nonspecific and universal pathology was demonstrated in the system of blood aggregation regulation (BAR) in the form of the thrombohemorrhagic syndrome (THS) on the organ-tissue level. The authors have shown the efficacy of(More)
The results of local cerebral blood flow examinations were analysed in 20 patients in the postoperative period. The dynamics of the restoration of the vascular responses to functional tests was observed. A study of the changes of the local cerebral blood flow following the administration of Rheopolyglukin demonstrated its high efficacy. The rationale of a(More)