O. A. Ogunbiyi

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Childhood primary hepatocellular carcinoma is rare and accounts for less than 1% of all abdominal malignancies in children < or = 14 years of age. A review of the records of the Cancer Registry, Ibadan, Nigeria covering the period 1960-1995 was scrutinised and 19 cases of hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) were registered, accounting for 0.49% of all abdominal(More)
Although respiratory distress is common among African newborn infants in special care, respiratory distress syndrome, which is the commonest cause of respiratory distress in other races, has been reported as uncommon among African infants. A prospective study of 312 consecutive newborn Nigerian infants admitted to a special care unit revealed 103 (33%) with(More)
We report the clinical findings and pathological lung changes in four children following a cultural practice of forced feeding with animal fat (ghee) during infancy. The clinical presentation was of acute or chronic chest infection which failed to respond to antimicrobial therapy. The radiographic features ranged from extensive bronchopneumonia to(More)
Choledochal cysts are relatively rare and are an uncommon cause of cholestasis. Early diagnosis and prompt treatment can prevent complications such as cholangitis, cirrhosis and portal hypertension. This article reviews a rarely reported disease in Africans in whom only 3 cases were documented over the 18 year period in Nigeria. The 3 cases were all females(More)
Digestive enzymes in the guts of Physailia pellucida, Eutropius niloticus and Schilbe mystus were investigated. Trypsin and Pepsin were present in all the three species. Pepsin activity was found to be higher than that of trypsin. Of all the carbohydrases, only amylase was found in E. niloticus and S. mystus, none in P. pellucida. There was no lipase(More)
Lower gastrointestinal bleeding is a common general surgical presentation in acute and chronic settings. Vascular anomalies account for 2% of such cases and can therefore be missed. We discuss a rare vascular anomaly in one of our patients where the diagnosis was not established for a ten-year period. We describe the subsequent management and a brief review(More)
We present a case of unanticipated postoperative apnoea in a patient with associated medical illness to illustrate the diagnostic difficulty that can arise in the detection and subsequent management of mivacurium apnoea. A high index of suspicion is essential in the presence of concomitant medical conditions that may cause prolonged apnoea. To our(More)
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