O. A. Livenskaya

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At the present time, the method of peptide mapping is finding wide use in the study of salt-water-soluble proteins from various materials, but information relative to hydrophobic alcohol-soluble polypeptides is sparse [i]. Since a comparative investigation of the peptide composition of plant proteins permits revelation of the laws of their structural(More)
The extraction and purification of a zein were carried out by a method described previously [3]. Since the separation of zein in the alkaline pH region by the IEF method in Ultrodex according to [2] proved to be difficult, for fractionating the polypeptides IEF was performed in 3.5% PAAG containing 6.5 M urea and 2% of ampholines on a 12 x 26 cm horizontal(More)
Spectral investigations are permitting characteristic features of protein fractions to be revealed for the selection of mutant forms of maize [1, 2]. We have previously studied the circular dichroism (CD) spectra of protein fractions of maize [3]. In order to determine the influence of the nature of the genotype on the type of CD spectra, we have(More)
Glutamic Aspartic Lencine Alanine Serine Glycine Ttireonine Valine Isoleucine Proline Phe nylalanine Tyros~ne ~i sine sddine Arginine 34,72~1,20 27,52±1,18 22,28±1,02 15,94±0,83 14,09±0,80 13,31±0,71 14,16~0,81 13,83±0,76 13,52~0,73 13,05±0,70 12,77±0,62 7,86±0,25 6,29±0,18 6,21±0,18 4,86±0,16 37,70~1,35 31,18±1,21 22,82±1,02 17,84~0,82 13,08±0,69(More)
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