O. A. Kostyrev

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A hybrid vaccinia virus expressing a chimeric protein consisting of thymidine kinase and the encephalitogenic determinant, S1, from guinea pig myelin basic protein was constructed. Infection of guinea pigs with the virus resulted in the development of allergic encephalomyelitis.
The following procedure is proposed: fixation for 12 h in low ionic strength solution (4 percent formaldehyde in 50 mM sodium phosphate buffer), drying of the suspension drop on the slide, gallocyanin staining. All red cells were contrast-stained without light central spot. The sizes of different red cell groups on the slide differed by less than 5 percent.
Feeding of rats with galactose-rich ration results in the activation of galactoso-1-phosphate-uridililtransferase in the liver after 2--4 days. By days 5--13, the activity of the enzyme decreased to the control level in spite of continued feeding of rats with galactose-rich ration. The activation of galactoso-1-phosphate-uridililtransferase occurred on the(More)
A procedure is described for preparation of isolated cells by treating formaldehyde fixed tissues with a 50%-solution of KOH. This results in complete yield of cells from a variety of organs (liver, kidney, heart, spleen, etc.). The alkali-treated cells entirely retain their morphological and tinctorial peculiarities. It was shown that preparations derived(More)