O. A. Kiselev

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Previously unknown isotopes (30)Ar and (29)Cl have been identified by measurement of the trajectories of their in-flight decay products (28)S+p+p and (28)S+p, respectively. The analysis of angular correlations of the fragments provided information on decay energies and the structure of the parent states. The ground states of (30)Ar and (29)Cl were found at(More)
F. Aksouh, A. Bleile, O.V. Bochkarev, L.V. Chulkov, D. Cortina-Gil, A.V. Dobrovolsky, P. Egelhof, H. Geissel, M. Hellström, N.B. Isaev, O.A. Kiselev, B.G. Komkov, M. Mátos, F.V. Moroz, G. Münzenberg, M. Mutterer, V.A. Mylnikov, S.R. Neumaier, V.N. Pribora, D.M. Seliverstov, L.O. Sergueev, A. Shrivastava, K. Sümmerer, H. Weick, M. Winkler and V.I. Yatsoura(More)
I. Mukha†1,2, K. Sümmerer3, L. Acosta4, M. A. G. Alvarez1, E. Casarejos5, A. Chatillon3, D. Cortina-Gil5, J. Espino1, A. Fomichev6, J. E. Garcı́a-Ramos4, H. Geissel3, J. Gómez-Camacho1, L.V. Grigorenko2,3,6, J. Hoffmann3, O. Kiselev3,7, A. Korsheninnikov2, N. Kurz3, Yu. Litvinov3, I. Martel4, C. Nociforo3, W. Ott3, M. Pfützner8, C. Rodrı́guez Tajes5, E.(More)
The existence of the 7H nuclear system was investigated via a one-proton transfer reaction with a 8He beam at 15.4A MeV and a 12C gas target. The experimental setup was based on the active-target MAYA which allowed a complete reconstruction of the reaction kinematics. The existence of the 7H was confirmed with the identification of seven events where the(More)
O.A. Kiselev, T. Aumann, W. Catford, M. Chartier, P. Egelhof, H. Emling, M. Freer, J.V. Kratz, M. Labiche,R. Lemmon, T. Nilsson, G. Nyman, G. Schrieder, H. Simon, A. Shrivastava, M Stanoiu, K. Sümmerer for the R3B Collaboration A new universal setup with high effi ciency, acceptance, and resolution for kinematically complete measurements of reactions with(More)
We have observed the two-proton radioactivity of the previously unknown (19)Mg ground state by tracking the decay products in-flight. For the first time, the trajectories of the 2p-decay products, (17)Ne+p+p, have been measured by using tracking microstrip detectors which allowed us to reconstruct the 2p-decay vertices and fragment correlations. The(More)
Hydrogen-Like Lead Ions Pb with Low Temperature Calorimeters V. Andrianov, K. Beckert, P. Beller, A. Bleile, Ch. Chatterjee, P. Egelhof, A. Gumberidze, S. Ilieva, O. Kiselev, C. Kilbourne, H-J. Kluge, S. Kraft-Bermuth, D. McCammon, J.P. Meier, R. Reuschl, T. Stöhlker and M. Trassinelli GSI, Darmstadt, Germany; Univ. of Mainz, Germany; Lomonosov Moscow State(More)