O. A. Kapitonova

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In the territory of the Vyatka-Kama Cis-Urals, 22 species of alien macrophytes are recorded. They compose 6.5% of the number of known macrophyte species known for the region. Most of them do not play an active role in formation of vegetative communities and constitute a part of aquatic communities as accompanying elements (Amaranthus retroflexus,(More)
In contrast to terrestrial plants, aquatic and riparian– aquatic plants have rarely been studied with special regard to specific features of their anatomical structure in an anthropogenically altered environment, although some macrophytes are actively used in ecological investigations. The ecological state of water bodies is usually estimated from changes(More)
The data on finding of Typha austro-orientalis Mavrodiev (Typhaceae) in the shallow riverside waters of an oxbow of the Kama River in the Udmurt Republic are given. The characteristics of the biotope and some morphological parameters of diagnostic features of plants for identified population are described. It is assumed that this species has the status of(More)
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