O. A. Golovanova

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Investigation of endemic features of urolithiasis taking into account local factors, both natural and technology-related ones, allows one to obtain additional information about one of the reasons of this disease. Mineral composition and distribution of urinary calculi in patients from Novosibirsk and Omsk Regions are investigated. A common feature of(More)
Processes of crystallization of calcium oxalate monohydrate from aqueous solutions and the effect of amino acids on these processes were investigated. It is shown that amino acids inhibit the growth of crystals of the compounds under investigation; the inhibiting action of an amino acid depends on its structure and increases with an increase in its(More)
An integrated set of problems connected with the features of calcium oxalate crystallization in the presence of amino acids is considered. It is established with the help of X-ray phase analysis that the formed precipitates are represented by calcium oxalate monohydrate (wavellite). The kinetic parameters of crystallization were determined. It was shown(More)
The great importance of organic matter in many geological processes is well known. However, minerals can form not only in the bowels of the earth, but also in living organisms, including humans. The human body is a complicated system of organic and inorganic substances that are maintained in balance. However, certain factors may upset the balance, with(More)
Thermodynamic and experimental studies were performed concerning phase formation process in the solution compositionally close to the oral fluid of humans with respect to the mineral and amino acid content. It has been established that amino acids to a considerable extent contribute into the ionic strength of the system promoting an increase in the(More)
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