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BACKGROUND Statistics of the Arbitration Office of the North German Medical Boards for extrajudicial claim resolution show that nearly 30 % of all panel proceedings confirm medical malpractice. In proceedings concerning fractures in children the percentage rises to 63 % with significant differences in various fracture localisations. METHODS Between 2000(More)
There is no generally accepted method for compartmental pressure measurement, as yet. Substantial disadvantages are implied in methods based on outflow resistance measurement, and, above all, these methods are hardly suitable for long-time pressure measurement nor for objectivation of dynamic pressure alterations. Described in this paper is the authors' own(More)
We report a case of successful operative therapy of a 12-year-old child with fecal incontinence (Kelly-Holschneider score: 2 points). In the german-speaking area it was the first implantation of an artificial bowel sphincter in a child. The operative procedure, clinical results and anorectal measurements are described.
BACKGROUND Risk reducing measures like the surgical checklist have been proven to reduce effectively adverse events and improve patient safety and teamwork among surgical staff members. Nevertheless, many physicians still refuse to use even simple safety tools like the WHO checklist. A progress in patient safety can only be achieved by changing the(More)
The motor urge incontinence is characterized through a hyperactivity of the detrusor muscle. Whereas in the secundar form of motor urge incontinence the evoked moment must be abolished in the primar form no method of choice exist. Many different drugs are used in the pharmacological therapy. Biofeedback will be more important in the future. The sensor urge(More)
BACKGROUND Statistics of the arbitration office of the North German Medical Boards show that 30% of all panel proceedings confirm medical malpractices. In panel proceedings concerning the treatment of fractures in children, the percentage rose to 60% with significant differences in the individual fracture localisations. METHODS Between the years 2000 and(More)