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In a study of 90 patients with post-stroke depression the Hamilton Depression Scale was used together with a clinical psychopathological study. One group of patients was treated with amitriptyline, another with minor tranquilizers (seduxen), and the third (controls) received neither antidepressants, nor tranquilizers. Only treatment in the first group was(More)
The authors have developed a rehabilitation system intended for patients with different cerebrovascular diseases. The system covers initial manifestations of insufficiency of the cerebral blood supply, transient disorders of the cerebral blood circulation, as well as acute, restorative and residual periods of the stroke. The system is being realized in(More)
A dynamics of the functional state was analyzed in 197 patients aged 34-80 years after the stroke that had happened from several weeks to 17 years ago. The patients were included into the stroke patients computer data bank established in Bekhterev's Institute. It was proved possible to use the "PULSES" profile and "Rehabilitation Level" test for objective(More)
Based on complex clinical-biochemical studies of 60 patients after ischemic stroke (on average 2,4+/-0,3 years from the disease-onset), we showed the disturbance of balance between anti- and prooxidant systems. The changes in the parameters of oxidative stress were revealed as follows: the reduction in the activity of antioxidant defense markers(More)
  • O A Balunov
  • Zhurnal nevrologii i psikhiatrii imeni S.S…
  • 1994
The authors provide the conclusions on the role of some clinical and psychological factors in recovery of postapoplectic patients. Most important of them are: early start of the treatment, the severity of the initial motor dysfunction, combination of some motor and higher cortical defects, multiple and bilateral focal lesions of the brain matter after(More)
A study of the neurological disorders was performed in the population of 34-80 year-old stroke survivors. The duration of the period after the stroke was in the range from some weeks till 17 years. The patients were included into the computer post-stroke patients data bank set up in the V.M. Bekhterev Institute. The follow up study has found that aphasic(More)
Using clinical, psychological methods and MRI, 199 patients with vascular (VE) and posttraumatic encephalopathy (PE) have been studied. It is shown that atherosclerosis, essential hypertension and their combination become relevant at the age of 40 years. Multiple microfocal white matter lesions, leukoaraiosis, extensive bilateral atrophic changes and(More)