Oğuzhan Çopuroğlu

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This article presents development of a novel self-healing technology for asphalt pavements, where asphalt binder rejuvenator is encapsulated within the compartmented alginate fibres. The key objective of the study was to optimise the compartmented alginate fibre design, i.e., maximising amount of rejuvenator encapsulated within the fibre. The results(More)
Plane and crossed polarization are the two standard light modes in polarized light microscopy that are widely used to characterize crystalline and amorphous phases in cement-based materials. However, the use of the crossed polarized light mode has been found to be restrictive for studying birefringent phases quantitatively due to the extinction phenomenon(More)
Expensive CNC (computer numerical controlled)-milled formwork is required for the production of double-curved precast concrete elements for cladding or shell structures. The innovative flexible mould method for economically efficient and sustainable production of such elements, developed at Delft University of Technology, comprises the use of a flexible,(More)
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