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An ovitrap containing hay infusion and a second ovitrap adjacent to it containing a 10% dilution of the infusion in tap water together yielded 8 times more Aedes aegypti eggs than single CDC ovitraps containing tap water. These "enhanced pairs" were significantly more attractive than pairs with other combinations of infusion, water or methyl propionate, and(More)
Nurr1 expression is up-regulated in the brain following associative learning experiences, but its relevance to cognitive processes remains unclear. In these studies, rats initially received bilateral hippocampal infusions of control or antisense oligodeoxynucleotides (ODNs) 1 h prior to training in a holeboard spatial discrimination task. Such pre-training(More)
The repeated use of psychostimulants in humans has been associated with progressive enhancement of anxiety, panic attacks, and eventually paranoid psychosis. The appearance of such behaviors has been termed behavioral sensitization, which forms part of the basic pathological mechanisms involved in drug addiction. Psychostimulants act via a circuit involving(More)
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