Nydeia Wright

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Efavirenz (EFV) is an oral antihuman immunodeficiency virus type 1 drug with extremely poor aqueous solubility. Thus, its gastrointestinal absorption is limited by the dissolution rate of the drug. The objective of this study was to characterize the inclusion complexes of EFV with β-cyclodextrin (β-CD), hydroxypropyl β-CD (HPβCD), and randomly methylated(More)
BACKGROUND Gefitinib, an anticancer drug, has an extremely low aqueous solubility, and its oral absorption is limited by its dissolution rate. The solubility and dissolution of gefitinib can be improved by complexation with cyclodextrins (CDs). METHODS Phase solubility studies of gefitinib with hydroxypropyl betaCD (HPbetaCD) and randomly methylated(More)
In this work, we propose a new technique for comprehensive scanner matching to fundamentally improve scanner productivity in a Giga fab. The proposal covers matching solutions for both CD and overlay fingerprints among scanners. CD matching strategy has three main components. The first part is to apply modelbased scanner tuning for scanner optics matching.(More)
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