Nwanyinnaya A Nwogu

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In spite of the growing interest and success obtained using cultured-copepods, their use in marine aquaculture remains sporadic. Besides, mass culture of several marine copepods has been well established by several authors. However, the upscale of copepod cultures to commercial levels is still a challenge. The practice of using wild copepods from natural(More)
Materials used in current technological approaches for the removal of mercury lack selectivity. Given that this is one of the main features of supramolecular chemistry, receptors based on calix[4]arene and calix[4]resorcarene containing functional groups able to interact selectively with polluting ions while discriminating against biologically essential(More)
A thermodynamic study involving 7-nitro-1,3,5-triaza adamantane, 1, and its interaction with metal cations in nonaqueous media is first reported. Solubility data of 1 in various solvents were used to derive the standard Gibbs energies of solution, DeltaG(s)o in these solvents. The effect of solvation in the different media was assessed from the Gibbs energy(More)
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