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OBJECTIVES The aim of this study was to determine frequency of thyroid incidentalomas (TI) through ultrasound (US) and its association with age, gender and ethnicities. METHODS It was a cross-sectional study. Total 269 adults who were asymptomatic for thyroid disease aged 21 years and above underwent ultrasound examination of their thyroid. RESULTS(More)
BACKGROUND Pregnancy induced hypertension results from defective trophoblast invasion and increased umbilical artery resistance which in turn results in decreased blood supply to the placenta and hence to the foetus. This arterial resistance varies in different cases of PIH thus causing variable effects on placenta and foetus. The objective of this study(More)
The bone age of a child indicates his/her level of biological and structural maturity better than the chronological age calculated from the date of birth. Radiography of the hand & wrist is the commonest modality used to calculate bone age. Automated methods for evaluation of hand and wrist radiographs are also being developed which reduce inter rater(More)
OBJECTIVE The purpose was to study the impact of anthropometrical parameters on portal vein diameter and liver size by ultrasound in a subset of Karachi population. METHODS Four hundred and fifty nine apparently healthy subjects were included in this cross sectional study. After recording weight and height of each subject, Portal vein diameter and both(More)
OBJECTIVE To assess the degree of applicability of bone age calculated by Greulich & Pyle Atlas in estimation of chronological age for therapeutic and medico legal purposes. METHODS Two Hundred and Twenty children (139 males, 81 females) between ages of 56 and 113 months (4.5 to 9.5 years) were randomly selected from 4 primary schools of Shireen Jinnah &(More)
OVERVIEW Effect of age, gender and BMI on the diameter and velocity of portal vein: All the nutrient rich blood from the GIT flows into the portal vein which determines the anatomical division of the hepatic lobes. The length of the portal vein is of surgical importance which is often cut down to link with the other vessels in interventional procedures like(More)
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