Nuwan Kodagoda

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The semantic Web is an extension of the World Wide Web with new technologies and standards that enable interpretation and processing of data and useful information for extraction by a computer. The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) recommends XML, XML schema, RDF, RDF schema and Web Ontology Language (OWL) as standards and tools for the implementation of the(More)
Exposure to state-of-art industry technologies, tools and practices by students provide CS/IT graduates highly desirable skills and marketability. A key expectation of the industry from their new cadre is a speedy integration into the business environment resulting in productive work. This usually requires having a sound technological background, a maturity(More)
A number of complexity metrics has been proposed in the past. However, only a few studies have been conducted to test the relationship between those proposed complexity metrics and their applicability in the real world. To identify the effectiveness and the practicality of a metric a number of evaluation frameworks have been proposed. Out of them, the(More)
Many computer science practitioners and software developers believes that the complexity of a program could be controlled more effectively by using object-oriented programming concepts. In addition to controlling complexity, the object-oriented approach allows faster development, reduction in costs, higher quality, easier maintenance, increased scalability,(More)
The paper describes the use of Agile software development methodology for undergraduate research projects. The students are required to do a project which spans for two academic semesters. The main objective is to see the appropriateness of Scrum for the undergraduate projects which is a widely used agile method at present in the software industry. The(More)
In the modern world, shopping has become an essential day to day activity for most of the people. However, their busy life style has lessened the time to do shopping. This has made them to look for quicker and easier ways to do their shopping. Some of the difficulties that people have to go through when they do shopping include having to travel a long(More)
Controlling the complexity of software applications is an essential part of the software development process as it directly affects maintenance activities such as reusability, understandability, modifiability and testability. However, as stated by Tom DeMarco “You cannot control what you cannot measure”. Thus, over the years many complexity(More)
Although a number of complexity metrics have been proposed, only a few studies have been conducted to compare those proposed metrics to find the most effective and comprehensive metric. In general, to find the effectiveness and the comprehensiveness of a metric Weyuker's nine properties are used. However determining whether a complexity metric satisfies(More)
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