Nuwan Balasuriya

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Multi-way relaying is a widely considered network configuration, where multiple communication nodes exchange their information via a single relay. In this configuration, a pairwise information exchange and a channel condition based node pair selection for simultaneous information transfer provide the best performance. For such schemes, the relationship(More)
Pedestrian position tracking is essential in implementing many of the new location based services in cellular networks. The ability for positioning in non-line of sight (NLOS) environments has made cellular network based positioning highly popular. However, the position estimation fine-tuning step in the current cellular network based positioning algorithm(More)
Wireless sensor networks are very much concerned on conserving power and error control coding is a considerable burden on this power conservation. Thus, this paper proposes a diversity based routing algorithm to achieve the reliability in the absence of error control coding. Two diversity combining techniques are also proposed. The simulation results(More)
Recently, in multi-way relay systems employing physical-layer network coding (PNC), channel condition-based pair selection for pairwise information exchange has drawn increased attention as it provides improved performance over the alternative approaches such as round-robin scheduling of node pairs. With pairwise information exchange, there is additional(More)
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