Nuvulla Sivakumar

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Overexpession of EGFR has been reported in a variety of human cancers and serves as a target for diagnosis and therapy. In the case of breast cancer, about 48% EGFR and have poor clinical prognosis. Besides the prognostic factors like tumor size, nodal status, histological grade etc., which are significant in the management of breast cancer, EGFR level(More)
PURPOSE To assess the common oral findings and anomalies of Down syndrome (DS) children in Chennai city, India. MATERIALS AND METHODS Among the 130 DS children examined, 102 children aged 15 years and below were included in the study. There were 57 male children and 45 female children in the total study sample. A specially prepared case record was used to(More)
Anxiety is a special variety of fear, experienced in anticipation of threatening stimuli. While some research workers have said that the response of a child improves with the number of visits, many have felt otherwise. The present study is yet another effort to find the patterns of anxiety in children during sequential dental visits. The main aim was to(More)
BACKGROUND Oil pulling therapy has been used extensively as a traditional Indian folk remedy for many years for strengthening teeth, gums, and jaws and to prevent decay, oral malodor, bleeding gums and dryness of throat, and cracked lips. AIMS The aims of this study were to evaluate the effect of oil pulling with sesame oil on halitosis and the(More)
BACKGROUND Anxiety and fear remain the primary emotion of a child entering a dental office. Successful pediatric dentistry depends not only on the dentist's technical skills, but also on his ability to acquire and maintain a child's cooperation. METHODS A retrospective study was done using the case records of 247 children, to evaluate their behavior(More)
Child abuse and neglect is any interaction or lack of interaction between a caregiver and a child resulting in nonaccidental harm to the child's physical and developmental state. Substance abuse is ingestion of any drug, which is capable of altering the mental functioning eventually leading to addiction. This paper presents a case report of a 12-year-old(More)
PURPOSE To assess the prevalence of caries and the treatment needs of Down syndrome children in the Indian city of Chennai. MATERIALS AND METHODS Among the 130 Down syndrome children examined, only the children aged < or =15 years were included in the study ( n = 102). There were 57 male and 45 female children in the total study sample. A specially(More)
The C-erbB-2 proto-oncogene encodes a 185KD glycoprotein with tyrosine kinase activity. Overexpression of this gene either due to gene amplification and/or increased transcription has been observed in a variety of cancers and has been associated with more aggressive disease and a poor clinical prognosis in 20-30% of patients with breast cancer. Besides(More)
Talon cusp occurs as a result of disturbances during the morpho-differentiation stage of tooth development. It is more common on the palatal surface of the permanent maxillary incisors. It can be unilateral/bilateral, but can also occur on the same tooth. Only 2 published reports exist documenting talons on both labial and lingual surfaces of the same tooth(More)
Lymphangiomas are congenital malformations of lymphatic vessels filled with a clear protein-rich fluid containing few lymph cells. It can also occur in association with hemangioma. Large lymphangioma extending into the tissue spaces of neck is referred to as cystic hygroma. Herewith, we present a case of cystic hygroma associated with lymphangioma of tongue(More)