Nutthacha Jittiwarangkul

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The recognition of ten Thai isolated numerals from zero to nine and 60 Thai polysyllabic words are compared between different recognition techniques, namely, Neural Network, Modified Rackpropagation Neural Network. Fuzzy-Neural Network, and Hidden Markov Model. The I j-state left-to-right discrete hidden markov model in cooperation with the vector(More)
Mangosteen, "the queen of fruits", with flesh translucent disorder is not wanted. The main cause of the disorder is that there exists too much water during the growing process of the fruits. Since microwave techniques had been shown to effectively measure the moisture, we propose to use the microwave technique to classify mangosteens with translucent flesh(More)
In electric power systems, energy and peak load forecasting plays an important role in term of policy planning and budget allocation. An accurate forecast method can be helpful in developing a power supply strategy, and development plan, especially for developing countries where the demand is increased with dynamic and high growth rate. This paper proposes(More)
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