Nutnicha Weeramongkonlert

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This paper proposes an open architecture for animal tracking systems using an easy-to-access Arduino board equipped with various sensors built into a compact prototype, easily attached to an animal collar. With GPS and public Google Map API functionalities, global location and sensor information are sent over SMS-GSM networks to an Android OS phone embedded(More)
This paper introduces a new mobile phone system architecture to aid the blind in travelling. The architecture has four main units: voice/speech recognition, Global Positioning System (GPS) and map services, ultrasonic sensor, and image processing service. These four subsystems function simultaneously within a single mobile device using web service(More)
This paper proposes a new mobile monitoring system for environmental awareness toward wireless sensor networks (WSNs). This system assists Android OS mobile users to observe an environmental behavior, and then to alert for a sudden change with configured thresholds. The paper describes the instrument and component of the key design of the system. In(More)
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