Nussieba A. Osman

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Counter immnuo-electrophoresis (CIEP) and Competitive ELISA (C-ELISA) tests were employed for seroprevalence of Peste des Petits Ruminants (PPR) infection in Sudan. The result of both tests showed high prevalence of PPRV antibodies in sheep and goats sera collected from six different regions of Sudan. Of the 519 serum samples examined for the presence of(More)
AGPT and HA tests were employed for rapid diagnosis of PPRV infection in sheep and goats in Sudan. Forty lymph nodes and spleen samples from suspected cases of PPR in both sheep and goats were examined by AGPT and HA tests for detection of PPRV antigen. Viral antigen was detected from (77.5%) of the samples tested by AGPT and (92.5%) tested by HA test. The(More)
Fasting and postabsorptive vitamin A level was studied in 55 school pupils aged 6-13 years, with giardiasis, ascaridiasis, or other parasites, both before and after their eradication with appropriate therapy; and in 6 pupils without parasites. Acceptable plasma vitamin A levels were detected in 20.7% of the cases. Mean fasting plasma vitamin A level among(More)
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