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BACKGROUND Several triage systems have been developed for use in the emergency department (ED), however they are not designed to detect deterioration in patients. Deteriorating patients may be at risk of going undetected during their ED stay and are therefore vulnerable to develop serious adverse events (SAEs). The national early warning score (NEWS) has a(More)
BACKGROUND A long completion time in the Emergency Department (ED) is associated with higher morbidity and in-hospital mortality. A completion time of more than four hours is a frequently used cut-off point. Mostly, older and sicker patients exceed a completion time of four hours on the ED. The primary aim was to examine which factors currently contribute(More)
Pallister-Hall syndrome (PHS) is a rare condition characterised by anomalies including hypothalamic hamartoma, bifid epiglottis and postaxial polydactyly. Hearing loss has been recognised in this condition. Cochlear abnormalities have been described in mouse models of PHS, but there are no reports of similar findings in humans to date. This report describes(More)
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