Nusaraporn Kessomboon

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The cost of pharmaceutical products is one of the largest contributors of operating costs in providing healthcare services in Thailand. As drug prices change according to shifting market forces, the distribution of purchase prices for each drug varies according to the type of medication and the purchasing power of the healthcare provider. These changes can(More)
This study assessed the impact of the Thai-US Free Trade Agreement (FTA) on access to medicines in Thailand. We first interpreted the text of the sixth round of Thai-US negotiations in 2006 on intellectual property rights (IPR). The impact was estimated using a macroeconomic model of the impact of changes in IPR. The estimated impact is based on a(More)
The Community Health Assessment Program-Philippines (CHAP-P) is an international collaboration of investigators whose aim is to adapt a previously proven Canadian community-based cardiovascular awareness and prevention intervention to the Philippines and other low-middle-income countries. Choosing a method of blood pressure measurement for the research(More)
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