Nurullah Günay

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Carbon monoxide is a nonirritant, odorless, colorless gas, and is lighter than air. It is an end product of the incomplete combustion of hydrocarbons. Its effects are most prominent in organs sensitive to oxygen deprivation, such as the heart, brain, and kidney. Carbon monoxide poisoning becomes more abundant in winter and at cold places. In Turkey, every(More)
BACKGROUND Obstruction and inflammation of the appendix lumen is the leading physiopathological process during acute appendicitis (AA). Although the relationship between inflammation and endothelial nitric oxide synthases (eNOS) has been well described, no recent data describing the relationship between inflammation during AA and polymorphism of the eNOS(More)
BACKGROUND Today, at least 1 television (TV) is owned in most households, and watching TV has become a significant part of daily life. Time spent in front of the TV has increased as its popularity has grown, which may pose a danger to children. The aim of the present study was to draw attention to cases of TV tip-over-related pediatric injuries. METHODS(More)
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