Nurulhuda Ahmad

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Ultrasonically Assisted Machining (UAM) is an emerging technology that has proven to be very efficient in improving the surface finishing in material machining such as turning, milling, and drilling. Smart material actuators are used in such applications to vibrate the cutting tip while machining, hence, improving the manipulated surface. In order to(More)
The coordination of power control and soft handover is an important mechanism for interference-reduction to increase the system capacity. The performance of SIR-based closed-loop power control (CLPC) for the WCDMA UTRA-FDD uplink has been evaluated, dealing with the special requirements set by using these algorithms when the mobile station is connected to(More)
Smart or active materials expand or deform as a response to external pressure, temperature, or electromagnetic field. The most commonly used active material in actuators is piezoelectric as it relates the electric field to mechanical compression and elongation. However, mathematical modeling of such actuators is tedious and complicated because of the(More)
Global automotive arena has overshadowed by intense competition because customers nowadays being more selective about their preference towards car selection. In a different dimension, car's interior design promised maximum satisfaction for customers. For long distance drivers, comfort feeling influence by many factors, which one of them contributes by(More)
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