Nurul Nuha Abdul Molok

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The explosion of online social networking (OSN) in recent years has caused damages to organisations due to leakage of information by their employees. Employees' social networking behaviour, whether accidental or intentional, provides an opportunity for advanced persistent threats (APT) attackers to realise their social engineering techniques and(More)
Despite the benefits of social media to organizations, the pervasive online social networking (OSN) among employees has been reported to be detrimental to organizations. The ubiquity of social technologies makes employees' professional and personal boundaries unclear, allowing inadvertent leakage of organizational information through the public domain.(More)
IT outsourcing, a mean of acquiring IT resources externally, has become a popular trend worldwide not only among large organizations but also among small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). The uptake of IT outsourcing among SMEs in developing countries are noticeable, especially in the context of Malaysia. Knowing the state of preparation by SMEs toward(More)
This paper discusses employees' information security behavior from the perspective of Islam and provides a behavioral framework that is developed based on the combination of Western contemporary studies and the Islamic principles. In particular, the framework is based on the categorizations of Muslims' behavior and the concepts of rewards and punishment in(More)
The use of Persuasive Technology in various fields is rapidly increasing. It can be applied in many fields such as computing, marketing, sales, environment, education, and health. Persuasive Technology has been found effective in bringing a required change in users' behaviors and attitudes. However, the use of persuasive technology is scarce in the field of(More)
The proliferation of online social networking (OSN) in recent years has caused organizations information security threats due to disclosure of information by their employees on their sites. The accessibility of OSN to anyone, at any time, using any devices, causes confidential and sensitive organizational information to be disclosed to unauthorised(More)
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