Nurul Atiqah Baharudin

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The future of optical interconnection needs for high optical coupling efficiency for high density multi-layer printed wiring board (PWB). Hence, a self-written waveguide (SWW) optical pin is implemented between surface device and multi-layer channel as optical coupling for reaching high coupling efficiency. A comparatively studies of three configurations of(More)
For the future of optical interconnect, the spot size converter (SSC) device is anticipated to be useful. Hence, we propose SSC using mask-transfer self-written (MTSW) method with UV-curable resin. Mask-transfer provides easy and fast fabrication concept. This makes these technology is a promising technology for SSC device. A prototype fabrication of(More)
A compact spot size converter (SSC) is the key to the future of optical interconnection. Hence, we proposed a tapered SSC using mask-transfer self-written (MTSW) technology with UV-curable resin. MTSW technology guarantees an easy and fast fabrication concept that makes it a promising technology for SSC devices. A prototype SSC adopting this technology was(More)
The growth of Si-photonics in research and development of the spot size converter (SSC) fabrication become essential as a coupling device inside optical interconnection. SSC between Si-waveguides and single mode fiber (SMF) can be fabricated using a cost-effective mask-transfer method by UV-curable resin. We obtained the SSC optimum shape by finding the(More)
For the future optical sensing application, a simple, fast and cost-effective method to achieve exposed core is required for a good mass production and commercialization. Hence, this paper proposes sensing application with exposed core technology using Self-Written Waveguide (SWW) method. The SWW method uses a UV-curable resin and enables fabrication of an(More)
Recently, the importance of the optical fiber is increasing particularly in sensing application. Thus, this paper proposes optical sensing by exposed core fiber technology using Self-Written Waveguide (SWW) method. SWW method is fabrication of an optical channel waveguide using a UV-curable resin. As a UV light irradiated, A SWW with length of 800(More)
Special attention has been paid to introduction of “Optical wiring” in place of conventional “Metallic wiring” in Printed Wiring Board level. High efficiency and alignment-free coupling between optical wirings and optical devices is a key in this field. This paper introduces a new optical interface applying “Optical(More)
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