Nursuriati Jamil

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Automated fruit grading in local fruit industries are gradually receiving attention as the use of technology in upgrading the quality of food products are now acknowledged. In this paper, outer surface colors of palm oil fresh fruit bunches (FFB) are analyzed to automatically grade the fruits into over ripe, ripe and unripe. We compared two methods of color(More)
Vector-space model is one of the most popular information retrieval models and it has been successfully implemented in retrieving many textual document collections. However, not many vector-space implementations employed open source technology. This paper discusses the integration of Oracle 10g Express edition database and Java language in realizing the(More)
Noise removal or noise suppression is important as the results of the noise removal task have a strong influence on the quality of the following image processing techniques. In this paper, three popular filters that is mean, median and adaptive filters are tested on 25 images of songket motifs. Different sizes of the filter kernels are also used as it plays(More)
Mathematical morphological operations are commonly used as a tool in image processing for extracting image components that are useful in the representation and description of region shape. In this paper, six basic morphological operations are investigated to remove noise and enhance the appearance of binary images. Dilation, erosion, opening, closing, fill(More)
Skull stripping is a major phase in MRI brain imaging applications and it refers to the removal of the brain’s non-cerebral tissues. The main problem in skull-stripping is the segmentation of the non-cerebral and the intracranial tissues due to their homogeneity intensities. Numerous techniques were applied in the studies of skull stripping, most common are(More)
Image segmentation is a process that significantly important for machine vision system such as automatic fruit grading system. This process separates an image into several areas to extract the interest object from its background. However, the segmentation task is difficult for isolating the images that captured in outdoor environment. This is due to the(More)
Region growing and edge detection are two popular and common techniques used for image segmentation. Region growing is preferred over edge detection methods because it is more robust against low contrast problems and effectively addresses the connectivity issues faced by edge detectors. Edgebased techniques, on the other hand, can significantly reduce(More)
Purpose. The aim of this paper is to review the published studies on the characteristics of impairments in the postural control and gait performance in diabetic peripheral neuropathy (DPN). Methods. A review was performed by obtaining publication of all papers reporting on the postural control and gait performance in DPN from Google Scholar, Ovid, SAGE,(More)