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Presite Surveys and Model Predictions: In preparation for the scientific drilling of the Lake Bo-sumtwi crater, a wide range of geophysical and petro-physical studies were conducted over the past 10 years. In 1997 a high-resolution airborne geophysical survey revealed a halo-shaped magnetic anomaly [1]. Physical properties of suevites collected north of the(More)
BACKGROUND Diets rich in whole grain are associated with several health benefits. Little is known however, about whole grain consumption patterns in Malaysia. The aim of this study was to assess whole grain intakes and dietary source in Malaysian children and adolescents. METHODS This analysis is from the MyBreakfast study, a national cross sectional(More)
There are errors in the Funding section. The correct funding information is as follows: The Nutrition Society of Malaysia received an unrestricted research grant from Cereal Partners Worldwide, Switzerland and Nestleé R&D Center, Singapore. This financial support was provided in the form of salaries for research assistants but the funders did not have any(More)
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