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Cytotoxic Triterpenoids from the Bark of Chisocheton patens Blume (Meliaceae)
Abstract Four new triterpenoids, namely, chisopaten A-D (1-4), were isolated from the n-hexane extract of the bark of Chisocheton patens Blume. The chemical structures of new compounds wereExpand
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New Cytotoxic Pregnane-type Steroid from the Stem Bark of Aglaia elliptica (Meliaceae)
A new pregnane-type steroid, 2α-hydroxy-3α-methoxy-5α-pregnane (1), together with three known dammarane-type triterpenoid, 3β-acetyl-20S,24S-epoxy-25-hydroxydammarane (2),Expand
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New cytotoxic protolimonoids from the stem bark of Aglaia argentea (Meliaceae)
Abstract Two new protolimonoid compounds, namely, argentinin A (1) and B (2) along with five known triterpenoid compounds, dammar-24-en-3α-ol (3), 3-epi-cabraleahydroxy lactone (4),Expand
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Cytototoxic constituents from the bark of Chisocheton cumingianus (Meliaceae)
Abstract A new lanostane-type triterpenoid, 3β-hydroxy-25-ethyl-lanost-9(11),24(24′)-diene (1), along with 3β-hydroxy-lanost-7-ene (2) and β-sitosterol-3-O-acetate (3) was isolated from the stem barkExpand
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Limonoids from the Seeds of Chisocheton macrophyllus
A new limonoid compound, dysobinol (1), along with three known limonoid compounds, 7α-hydroxyneotricilenone (2), dysobinin (3), and nimonol (4), was isolated from the seeds of ChisochetonExpand
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In vitro anticancer and antimalarial Erystagallin-A from Erythrina variegata (L.) stem bark
The methanol extract of Erythrina variegata (Leguminosae) stem bark showed significant anti-cancer activity against breast cancer T47D cell-lines in vitro using the Sulforhodamine B (SRB) assay andExpand
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Traditional medicines originating from plants have been widely used as an alternative therapy and extensive research have identified several bioactive compounds of the plants. In Indonesia, ErythrinaExpand
1,1,4,7-Tetramethyldecahydro-1H-cyclopropa[e]azulen-7-ol from the Stembark Chisocheton pentandrus
A new aromadendrane-type sesquiterpenoid, namely dehydrosphatulenol (1), has been isolated from the stembark of Chisocheton pentandrus. The chemical structure of 1 was characterized on the basis ofExpand