Nuriya Mukhtasimova

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In the course of synaptic transmission in the brain and periphery, acetylcholine receptors (AChRs) rapidly transduce a chemical signal into an electrical impulse. The speed of transduction is facilitated by rapid ACh association and dissociation, suggesting a binding site relatively non-selective for small cations. Selective transduction has been thought to(More)
The potentiated afferent mixed synapses of the Mauthner cells of fry and adult goldfish in stumps of the medulla oblongata incubated long-term in vitro were studied by electrophysiological and electron microscopic methods. It was shown that brief high-frequency stimulation of posterior branches of the eighth nerve induced a long-term potentiation of(More)
We examined functional consequences of intrasubunit contacts in the nicotinic receptor alpha subunit using single channel kinetic analysis, site-directed mutagenesis, and structural modeling. At the periphery of the ACh binding site, our structural model shows that side chains of the conserved residues alphaK145, alphaD200, and alphaY190 converge to form(More)
Binding of neurotransmitter triggers gating of synaptic receptor channels, but our understanding of the structures that link the binding site to the channel is just beginning to develop. Here, we identify an intersubunit triggering element required for rapid and efficient gating of muscle nicotinic receptors using a structural model of the Torpedo receptor(More)
the cellular level on the ability of synapses to undergo stable, long-term changes in their conductivity or efficiency. Signal conduction in synapses occurs mainly in the area at which the presynaptic bouton makes contact with the postsynaptic neuron via specialized contact structures. It is generally recognized that signal transmission in synapses of the(More)
The effects of phalloidin, a preperation which highly specifically and selectively polymerizes actin and which binds to actin, on the electrotonic conductivity and structure of mixed synapses were studied in goldfish Mauthner neurons (MN). These experiments showed that paired subthreshold electrical stimulation of the afferent input in the presence of(More)
Electron microscopic morphometry was used to study the effects of long-term potentiation on the structure of fibrillar “cross-bridges” in the clefts of desmosome-like contacts in mixed synapses in Goldfish Mauthner neurons. These experiments showed that the number of bridges increased as the level of potentiation of electrotonic transmission increased. The(More)
The effect of highly specific and selective actin-polymerizing and labelling agent, phalloidin, on electrotonic conductivity and structure of the mixed synapses of goldfish Mauthner neurons (MN) was studied. It was shown that the paired subthreshold electrostimulation of afferent input against a background of phalloidin application resulted in the average(More)
Comparative ultrastructural investigation of the desmosome-like contacts at chemical and mixed afferent synapses of the goldfish Mauthner neurons was carried out. It was revealed that these contacts at mixed synapses differed from those at chemical ones by thin transverse fibrillar bridges which cross the gap and connect two adjoining membranes of the(More)