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The relationship between invertebrate densities, current velocity and water depth was studied in the Dan River, northern Israel. Maximum current preferences ranged from 5–120 cm sec−1, and depth preferences ranged from 5–60 cm. Thirty-five taxa of invertebrates were collected by means of colonization cages. Larval and adult stages of 3 Elmidae (Coleoptera)(More)
Attempts are being made to unravel the local circuitry of the suprachiasmatic nucleus, with a view toward eventually correlating specific neuronal systems with circadian events. Hence, the vasopressinergic innervation of this nucleus in the laboratory mouse has been analyzed immunocytochemically at the light and electron microscopical levels. Monoclonal(More)
Psychosocial dysfunction in older children and adolescents is common and may lead to nonadherence to HIV treatments. Poor adherence leads to HIV treatment failure and the development of resistant virus. In resource-limited settings where treatment options are typically limited to only one or two available lines of therapy, identification of individuals at(More)
UNLABELLED Latino immigrants in recent years are moving to U.S. communities that have little experience with immigration from Latin America. Although public health initiatives have been created to expand health care services to uninsured adults and children, little is known about whether and to what extent new immigrants benefit from such resources. (More)
OBJECTIVE: To determine the validity of the Pediatric Symptom Checklist (PSC), a brief measure of psychosocial health, for screening HIV+ Batswana children. METHOD: Setswana versions of the parent and child PSC were administered to 509 HIV+ Batswana children (age 8-16) and their parents/guardians. Test properties were evaluated and cut-off scores were(More)
Toxic products extracted by methanol from intact mycelia ofVerticillium lecanii were tested for their toxicity to eggs, larvae, pupae and adults ofBemisia tabaci and additional insects. All stages ofB. tabaci were sensitive to the toxin, with larvae showing the highest, and adults the lowest, sensitivity. Using a 0.5% crude toxin preparation, the mortality(More)
Living in communities with persistent gun violence is associated with negative social, behavioral, and health outcomes, analogous to those of a natural disaster. Taking a disaster-preparedness approach may identify targets for community-based action to respond to on-going gun violence. We assessed the relevance of adapting a disaster-preparedness approach(More)
BACKGROUND Failure to thrive (FTT) is a sign of tuberculosis (TB) and human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) infection. We assessed TB and HIV prevalence in children with FTT at one clinic in Botswana. METHODS In July 2010, we screened all children attending a 'Well Child' clinic for FTT. Children with FTT were referred to a paediatrician who: (i) assessed(More)
PURPOSE Adolescent medicine is not a recognized specialty in most African countries and African healthcare providers receive little adolescent-specific training. We explored the association between training, self-reported competence, and clinical practice related to adolescent health in an African setting. METHODS A total of 119 healthcare providers of(More)