Nuria Sánchez-Puig

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The autosomal recessive disorder Shwachman-Diamond syndrome, characterized by bone marrow failure and leukemia predisposition, is caused by deficiency of the highly conserved Shwachman-Bodian-Diamond syndrome (SBDS) protein. Here, we identify the function of the yeast SBDS ortholog Sdo1, showing that it is critical for the release and recycling of the(More)
Hypoxia-inducible factor-1 (HIF-1) is a heterodimeric transcription factor that plays a crucial role in mediating oxygen response in the cell. Using biophysical techniques, we characterized two fragments of the HIF-1alpha subunit, one the full-length ODD domain (residues 403-603) and the second comprising the N-TAD (N-transactivation domain) and inhibitory(More)
Human Securin, also called PTTG1 (pituitary tumor transforming gene 1 product), is an estrogen-regulated proto-oncogene with multifunctional properties. We characterized human full-length Securin using a variety of biophysical techniques, such as nuclear magnetic resonance, circular dichroism, and size-exclusion chromatography. Under physiological(More)
ARD1 (arrest-defective protein 1), together with NAT1 (N-acetyltransferase protein 1), is part of the major N(alpha)-acetyltransferase complex in eukaryotes responsible for alpha-acetylation of proteins and peptides. Protein acetylation has been implicated in gene expression regulation and protein-protein interaction. We characterized the native folded and(More)
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