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When search methods are being designed it is very important to know which parameters have the greatest influence on the behaviour and performance of the algorithm. To this end, algorithm parameters are commonly calibrated by means of either theoretic analysis or intensive experimentation. When undertaking a detailed statistical analysis of the influence of(More)
Approximate and generalized confidence bands for some parametric functions of the univariate lognormal diffusion process with exogenous factors are obtained. The procedures to obtain these bands are developed from the suitable adaptation of the available methods for building confidence intervals for the mean of the lognormal distribution. The obtained bands(More)
JavaScript is an interpreted language mainly known for its inclusion in web browsers, making them a container for rich Internet based applications. This has inspired its use, for a long time, as a tool for evolutionary algorithms, mainly so in browser-based volunteer computing environments. Several libraries have also been published so far and are in use.(More)
Creating rankings might seem like a vain exercise in bellybutton gazing , even more so for people so unlike that kind of things as programmers. However, in this paper we will try to prove how creating city (or province) based rankings in Spain has led to all kind of interesting effects, including increased productivity and community building. We describe(More)
Noise or uncertainty appear in many optimization processes when there is not a single measure of optimality or fitness but a random variable representing it. These kind of problems have been known for a long time, but there has been no investigation of the statistical distribution those random variables follow, assuming in most cases that it is distributed(More)
Using volunteer's browsers as a computing resource presents several advantages, but it remains a challenge to fully harness the browser's capabilities and to model the user's behavior so that those capabilities can be leveraged optimally. These are the objectives of this paper, where we present the results of several evolutionary computation experiments(More)