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An Agenda for Open Science in Communication
In the last 10 years, many canonical findings in the social sciences appear unreliable. This so-called “replication crisis” has spurred calls for open science practices, which aim to increase theExpand
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A Caenorhabditis elegans Model for Integrating the Functions of Neuropsychiatric Risk Genes Identifies Components Required for Normal Dendritic Morphology
Analysis of patient-derived DNA samples has identified hundreds of variants that are likely involved in neuropsychiatric diseases such as autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and schizophrenia (SCZ). WhileExpand
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Interactive Text2Pickup Network for Natural Language based Human-Robot Collaboration
In this paper, we propose the Interactive Text2Pickup (IT2P) network for human-robot collaboration which enables an effective interaction with a human user despite the ambiguity in user's commands.Expand
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The Presence of the Protagonist: Explaining Narrative Perspective Effects Through Social Presence
ABSTRACT Based on two experiments, this paper advances the concept of social presence as a novel mechanism through which narrative perspective (first- versus third-person) exerts persuasive effectsExpand
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Bio-Imaging : How to Make a Good Digital Image
News: Mobiles, Mobilities and Their Meeting Points
Abstract As both news and audiences are increasingly mobile, this introduction calls for intensified research into mobility as a core characteristic of journalism. This special issue explores theExpand
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Making Myth, History, and an Ancient Religion in Korea
This dissertation traces the history of the myth of Tan’gun, Korea’s founding father, from its first known appearance in the thirteenth century to the modern era. It examines how the myth developedExpand
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