Nurfauza Jali

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The Internet is increasingly used as a medium for providing medical information. Nevertheless, whether the World Wide Web is favoured over other information sources depends to a large extent on how easily the sought information can be found. Therefore, this paper investigates the impact of culture, language and medical knowledge on users’ preferences(More)
This paper contributes a new approach for developing UML software designs from Natural Language (NL), making use of a meta-domain oriented ontology, well established software design principles and Natural Language Processing (NLP) tools. In the approach described here, banks of grammatical rules are used to assign event flows from essential use cases. A(More)
Identifying responsibility for classes in object-oriented software design phase is a crucial task. This paper proposes an approach for producing high quality and robust behavioural diagrams (e.g. Sequence Diagrams) through Class Responsibility Assignment (CRA). GRASP or General Responsibility Assignment Software Pattern (or Principle) was used to direct the(More)
Epidemiology study like malaria study is receiving much attention among the researchers nowadays. To model the epidemiology study like malaria, one can adopt different equations to formulate the problem. Alternatively, individual based modelling is started to emerge and useful for epidemiology study due to the nature of flexibility ad emergence behaviour of(More)
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