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In order to support mobility which guarantees an uninterrupted service, handoff is one of the crucial criteria to be concerned about, especially on latency during handoff, that might interrupt the on-going services. This is due to the redundant and inappropriate scanning producing delay as well as packet loss during the handover process. An enhancement of(More)
One of the important problems in communication is sending specific data privately. In addition to cryptography which was used many years ago, methods such as data hiding have been introduced in recent years. In data hiding, specific data is embedded in another signal, which is known as a host signal that can be in the form of video, image and audio. Because(More)
2012, Volume 45, Issue 4, Pages 169-180. ECS Trans. Paul T. Baine, David Adley and Tatania S. Perova Nurfarina Zainal, S.J.Neil Mitchell, David W. McNeill, Micheal F. Bain, B.M. Armstrong, High Quality Thin Film Germanium on Insulator Characterization of Rapid Melt Growth (RMG) Process for service Email alerting click here box at the top right corner of the(More)
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