Nurettin Çetinkaya

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1. High performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) was used to determine beta-carotene and retinol in cow serum. 2. Two groups of state and private farm cows (Groups 1 and 2) were used to assess seasonal variation when different food sources were fed to cows on serum beta-carotene and retinol concentrations. 3. Mean serum concentrations of beta-carotene and(More)
Serum copper and zinc levels were determined in 20 healthy women and in 100 women with gynecological tumors. Malignant and benign tumor cases were separated according to their postoperative, histopathological examinations. The stages of malignant and benign tumors were also established histologically. Seventy benign and 30 malignant genital tumors(More)
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