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There is a growing interest in the use of context-awareness as a technique for developing pervasive computing applications that are flexible and adaptable for users. In this context, however, information retrieval (IR) is often defined in terms of location and delivery of documents to a user to satisfy their information need. In most cases, morphological(More)
With the growth of explosive Internet information, data availability is easy. However, raw data is useful when mined. Therefore, mining is an important research area. The text mining primarily aims at discovery and retrieval of useful and interesting patterns from a large database. Identification and understanding of appropriate words is important to(More)
The application of grid computing has been hampered by three basic challenges: scalability, interoperability and efficient access control which need to be optimized before a full-scale adoption of grid computing can take place. To address these challenges, a novel architectural model was designed for a multi-domain grid based environment (built on three(More)
Currently, both Peer-to-Peer Computing (P2P) and Grid Computing have remained the most vibrant and useful forms of distributed computing all over the world. Their applications are such that they cut across both academia and industry. It has come to the notice of researchers that there are great misunderstanding and misinterpretation on what these forms of(More)
Embedding malicious URLs in e-mails is one of the most common web threats facing the internet community today. Malicious URLs have been widely used to mount various cyber-attacks like spear phishing, pharming, phishing and malware. By falsely claiming to be a trustworthy entity, users are lured into clicking on these compromised links to divulge vital(More)
Mobile phones are ubiquitous with millions of users acquiring them every day for personal, business and social usage or communication. Its enormous pervasiveness has created a great advantage for its use as a technological tool applicable to overcome the challenges of information dissemination regarding burning issues, advertisement, and health related(More)
The adoption of grid computing has posed challenges regarding access control, interoperability and scalability. Although several methods have been proposed to address these grid computing challenges, none has proven to be completely efficient and dependable. To tackle these challenges, a novel access control architecture framework, Triple-Domain Grid-Based(More)
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