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Recent advances in Semantic Web technologies have led to a growing popularity of the (Linked) Open Data movement. Only recently, the Danish government has joined the movement and published several data sets – formerly only accessible for a fee – as Open Data in various formats, such as CSV and text files. These raw data sets are difficult to process(More)
The proliferation of spatial data and the publication of multidimensional (MD) data on the Semantic Web (SW) has led to new opportunities for On-Line Analytical Processing (SOLAP) over spatial data using SPARQL. However, formulating such queries results in verbose statements and can easily become very difficult for inexperienced users. Hence, we have(More)
The Semantic Web (SW) has drawn the attention of data enthusiasts, and also inspired the exploitation and design of multidimensional data warehouses, in an unconventional way. Traditional data warehouses (DW) operate over static data. However multidimensional (MD) data modeling approach can be dynamically extended by defining both the schema and instances(More)
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