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A Comparison Study on Personality Traits Based on the Attitudes of University Students toward Entrepreneurship
Abstract Particular personality traits motivate individuals to act entrepreneurially and to exercise entrepreneurial activities, which include but not limited to high need for achievement,
Enhancing Entrepreneurial Intention and Innovativeness of University Students: The Mediating Role of Entrepreneurial Alertness
Entrepreneurship is a process of value creation consisting of committing time and effort, considering financial, social and other risks, resulting financial gain. The initial step of entrepreneurship
Evaluating Entrepreneurship Intentions of Vocational High School Pupils Based On Self- Efficacy Concept
Abstract In this study entrepreneurship intentions of pupils, who are registered in different programmes of Vocational High School, have been measured. Related literature about the entrepreneurship
The Impact of Manager Support and Work Family Conflict on Job Satisfaction
Work-family conflict is a serious issue for both employees and organizations. It leads to multiple consequences at both levels. Work-family conflict causes employees to develop negative attitudes
Development culture and TQM in Turkish healthcare: importance of employee empowerment and top management leadership
Total quality management (TQM) is directed at quality consciousness throughout all organisational processes. A successful TQM practice requires a culture that can adapt to changes and promote
The Mediating Effect of Work Family Conflict on the Relationship between Job Autonomy and Job Satisfaction
Abstract Satisfied employees are closely related with organizational success and performance, leading job satisfaction to become a key employee attitude. Employees feel greater satisfaction when they
Barriers to entry and two-sided markets: a research in a shopping mall in Istanbul
Two-sided markets are the new issues in economic theory and have been studied since the beginning of the 21th century. Barriers to entry are also important to provide a balanced full competition
An empirical study on the nexus between the emotional intelligence of top managers and their assessment of intellectual capital
This study considers intellectual capital based on the assumption that this capital, which possesses social aspects, is related to the emotional capacities (i.e., emotional intelligence) of an
Beach Management & Analysis of Visitors’ Remarks
User perceptions can become vital especially at beach preferences as cleanliness, safety and amenities are some of the apparent factors that will affect. With the awareness of probable adaptation of
Perceptions Of Network Effects: Positive Or Negative Externalities?
Abstract The purpose of this study is to search if consumers are aware of network effects. If consumers are rational, they will make their consumption decisions by thinking about maximization of