Nurcan Uçeyler

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Neuropathic pain is accompanied by both positive and negative sensory signs. To explore the spectrum of sensory abnormalities, 1236 patients with a clinical diagnosis of neuropathic pain were assessed by quantitative sensory testing (QST) following the protocol of DFNS (German Research Network on Neuropathic Pain), using both thermal and mechanical(More)
BACKGROUND Small fiber neuropathy (SFN) is a subtype of sensory neuropathy with acral pain and normal findings in routine nerve conduction studies. METHODS Twenty-four patients with SFN and matched controls were prospectively studied in this case-control study. Patients were assessed clinically, with standardized pain and depression questionnaires, by(More)
Complex regional pain syndromes (CRPS) are characterized by persistent and severe pain after trauma or surgery. Neuro-immune alterations are assumed to play a pathophysiological role. Here we set out to investigate whether patients with CRPS have altered systemic pro- and anti-inflammatory cytokine profiles compared to controls on mRNA and protein level. We(More)
BACKGROUND The role of antidepressants in the management of fibromyalgia syndrome (FMS) still needs to be determined. OBJECTIVE The objective of this study was to provide a quantitative analysis (meta-analysis) of the efficacy and harms of antidepressants in the management of adult FMS patients. DATA SOURCES The data sources used were the databases(More)
BACKGROUND Pain is a common symptom in peripheral neuropathies. The factors determining why some peripheral neuropathies are painful and others are not are incompletely understood. Pro-inflammatory cytokines have been implicated to play a crucial role in the generation of pain. OBJECTIVE To investigate whether cytokine profiles differ between patients(More)
Cytokines are soluble proteins secreted mainly by immune cells and are key players in the induction and maintenance of pain. Pro-inflammatory cytokines are mostly algesic, while anti-inflammatory cytokines have analgesic properties. After the role of cytokines was shown in diverse animal models of pain, interest arose in the systemic and local regulation of(More)
To assess the relative importance of the isoforms of nitric oxide synthase (NOS) in inflammatory pain, we directly compared pain behaviour and paw thickness after intraplantar injection of complete Freund's adjuvant (CFA) in wild-type (WT) mice and in mice lacking either inducible (iNOS), endothelial (eNOS) or neuronal NOS (nNOS). In mice deficient for(More)
Marked hypersensitivity to heat and mechanical (pressure) stimuli develop after a burn injury, but the neural mechanisms underlying these effects are poorly understood. In this study, we establish a new mouse model of focal second-degree burn injury to investigate the molecular and cellular basis for burn injury-induced pain. This model features robust(More)
OBJECTIVE The term chronic widespread pain refers to a group of painful diseases of poorly understood pathophysiology. One major subgroup is fibromyalgia (FM), as defined by the criteria of the American College of Rheumatology. Among other hypotheses, a potential pathophysiologic role of cytokines in chronic widespread pain has been proposed. We undertook(More)
CONTEXT Fibromyalgia syndrome (FMS) is a chronic pain disorder associated with multiple debilitating symptoms and high disease-related costs. Effective treatment options are needed. OBJECTIVES To determine the efficacy of antidepressants in the treatment of FMS by performing a meta-analysis of randomized controlled clinical trials. DATA SOURCES MEDLINE,(More)