Nurbaiti Iskandar

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A study on work injuries that occurred over a five-year period was conducted in an iron and steel mill employing over 1000 workers. Of all the 921 injuries which required more than one day's sick leave, over 40% (383 cases) happened during the morning shift (0700-1500 hours), 210 cases occurred in the afternoon shift (1500-2300 hours) and only 150 cases(More)
In a clinical and bacteriological study of 42 patients with acute tonsillo-pharyngitis or chronic tonsillo-pharyngitis with acute exacerbation, patients were allocated at random to receive either a 3-day course of spiramycin or a 5-day course of erythromycin, both antibiotics being given in a dosage of 500 mg 3-times daily. The median time to disappearance(More)
Data collected in 1968 in Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia, showed that the desire for a large family and especially for many sons was highest among the poorest educated members of society. Similarly, the use of contraception among those who wanted no more children was highest among the most educated people. Thus, education seems to be the key to the(More)
As the second part of a community based educational campaign to convey the risk of HIV/AIDS to commercial sex workers in Jakarta, from May-July 1995, a total of 253 male transvestites (WARIA) were questioned about their sexual behavior patterns and their knowledge and attitude toward HIV/AIDS. In the previous report, 1991-1993, there was one out of 830(More)
should be centred below this. 6. Please send the original copy and two photo~ prints of good quality, unfolded, since creases may show up in the photograph , to the Secretariat . Closing date for abstract March 31, 1984. 410 Notices Vol. 19, No. 4 X I I I N T E R N A T I O N A L C O N G R E S S OF G A S T R O E N T E R O L O G Y A N D V E U R O P E A N(More)
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