Nurazlin Mohd Yaakop

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The stability control of two separate electric vehicle (EV) motors by using only single five-leg inverter (FLI) is the motivation of this study. This paper proposes an electric differential (ED) in a FLI to serve dual separate induction motor (IM) drive-based wheels of an EV traction drive system. FLI is developed to replace the two normal three-phase(More)
This paper deals with the dSPACE DS1103 based implementation of a simplified fuzzy logic speed controller (Simplified FLSC) for vector controlled permanent magnet synchronous motor (PMSM) drives. The simplification of FLSC obtains minimization and adjustment of the membership function used by each fuzzy variable for the drive system. The mathematical model(More)
Independent control of multi-machine with single-converter systems is the motivation of this research study. As in the previous literature review, there is no report regarding speed control applying space vector pulse width modulation direct torque control (SVPWM-DTC) method for dual three-phase induction motor (IM) fed by a five leg inverter (FLI).(More)
Abstract: Front-wheel direct-driven dual motors of an electric vehicle (EV) with a single controller configuration offer great potential and flexibility for improving system performance, efficiency and safety. The objective of the paper is to design a new load torque estimator of Direct Torque Control (DTC) by merging the electrical model with the(More)
This paper describes the operation of a Four Quadrant DC Chopper (FQDC) for Drive and Reverse modes of a series DC motor using Direct Current Control (DCC) method. The method is mathematically modelled and simulated using MATLAB/SIMULINK. An experimental set-up has been performed to verify both mathematical and simulation models. Results demonstrated that(More)
Series motors and common four quadrant H-Bridge dc choppers are widely used for dc drives of electric vehicle, but details of their design and operation can hardly be found in the literature. This paper describes the operation of a new four quadrant dc chopper that can be used for electric vehicle traction. The chopper has several modes of operation such as(More)
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