Nuray Bulut

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Polyomavirus-associated graft nephropathy (PAN) has emerged as a significant risk factor for kidney graft loss. We analyzed intracellular cytokine responses for possible protective versus permissive immunologic effects on BK-virus replication. One hundred five renal transplant patients included in a prospective single-center study were randomized to receive(More)
Little is known about a possible interaction of natural killer (NK) cells with regulatory T cells (Treg ) in long-term stable kidney transplant recipients. Absolute counts of lymphocyte and Treg subsets were studied in whole blood samples of 136 long-term stable renal transplant recipients and 52 healthy controls using eight-colour fluorescence flow(More)
BACKGROUND Treg are a heterogenous cell population. In the present study we attempted to identify Treg subsets that might contribute to stable and good long-term graft function. METHOD Lymphocyte and Treg subsets were studied in 136 kidney transplant recipients with good long-term graft function and in 52 healthy control individuals using(More)
BACKGROUND There is circumstantial evidence that IFNy+ Treg might have clinical relevance in transplantation. IFNy+ Treg express IFNy receptors and are induced by IFNy. In the present study we investigated in kidney transplant recipients with good long-term stable graft function the absolute cell counts of IFNy+ Treg subsets and whether their expression of(More)
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