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Human action recognition is gaining interest from many computer vision researchers because of its wide variety of potential applications. For instance: surveillance, advanced human computer interaction, content-based video retrieval, or athletic performance analysis. In this research, we focus to recognize some human actions such as waving, punching,(More)
Electrical energy plays an important role in Indonesia's economic development. In Indonesia, many islands other than Java, Bali, Madura, still depend on Diesel Engine as the source of electrical energy. Biodiesel as an alternative of diesel engine also makes diesel engine as one possible solution for producing electrical energy. In order to be able to use(More)
Indonesia still used diesel engine to produce electricity in isolated area because of its efficiency. Many attempts were made to keep it efficient, one of them by monitor and fix the problem quickly. Current monitoring system can inform if the engine get any problem, the expert then analyze and give advice to fix the problem. In the other side, lack of(More)
Diesel Engine is still required in Indonesia, since diesel engine is the most appropriate engine to produce electricity in isolated area. Indonesia comprises of a large number of isolated area, and at the moment it is not the priority of the government to install cable connecting those isolated areas. The diesel engines can be used in the next 15-20 years,(More)
There is a trend in the scientific community to create and solve optimization models for complex problems based on the life in nature, one of which is Artificial Bee Colony Algorithm (Algorithm ABC). This paper discussed the ABC Algorithm to solve CBT (Curriculum-Based Course Timetabling) problems in the ITC-2007 (International timetabling Competition -(More)
Indonesia have a massive number of SMEs, but with a very low revenue. An alternative to increase revenue is by using internet. Some SMEs already develop their website, but they don't have same navigation. The websites confuse the potential buyers. So, a website's aggregator is essential. This aggregator is made without the owner of the SMEs to register(More)
There are few challenges in the detection of gas leaks using a mobile robot such as, the search space is vast, needed of a certain level of intelligence so that the searching process of robot become optimal, and the complexity to deal with unstructured environments. Combination of Particle Swarm Optimization(PSO) and Fuzzy Logic Control(FLC) can answer(More)
This experiment aims to determine the best algorithm to predict person's interest towards visual object. EEG signal (signal captured by Electroencephalograph) is utilized to show if a person is interested. This can be useful, such as for marketers to discover consumer's brain response towards product and identify whether the product is interesting. Learning(More)
The online monitoring system for large diesel engine, especially in a power plant, should be implemented in order to monitor the performance of diesel engine. In addition to the sensors planted in diesel engine, some performance indicators of diesel engine are represented in the form of formula. The formula is defined by the expert, and it utilizes the(More)
Conversational recommender system (CRS) has been developed to simulate conversation between a customer with a professional sales support. For most customers, specifying needs based on product functional requirements is more natural way rather than technical features, especially for high-tech products. Thus, the CRS requires a knowledge design that is able(More)