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An improvement in control performance of piston-actuated active surge control for centrifugal compressor by using integral action is presented in this paper. The active surge control is designed by using linear quadratic requlator (LQR) method based on the linearized system around the operating point. Simulation results show the active controller is able to(More)
Acknowledgements Sincere thanks go to all the older people who contributed by sharing their experiences and thoughts regarding pain in older people. It was very humbling and inspiring to have worked with them. Thanks also to the Hull & East Riding branch of BackCare and the New Forest branch of Action on Pain, which gave its support to this project, and to(More)
A novel method for combining active surge control system (ASCS) and surge avoidance system (SAS) for a centrifugal compressor is presented. ASCS is a promising method to improve compressor operating area by stabilizing surge. However, this method is not applied yet in industrial compressors. Safety issue is considered in implementing the ASCS. A failure in(More)
Active surge control system (ASCS) can be classified into two types: upstream energy injection and downstream energy dissipation [1]. Two novel state feedback control laws termed φ-control for the upstream energy injection and ψ-control the downstream energy dissipation are presented. Both state feedback control laws are derived by using the(More)
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