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Vasa vasorum anti-angiogenesis through H 2 O 2 , HiF-1α, nF-κB, and inOs inhibition by mangosteen pericarp ethanolic extract (Garcinia mangostana linn) in hypercholesterol-diet-given Rattus norvegicus Wistar strain Titin andri Wihastuti
The increase of heart failure prevalence on menopausal women was correlated with the decrease of estrogen level. The aim of this study is to investigate the effects of ceplukan leaf (Physalis minima L.), which contains phytoestrogen physalin and withanolides, on ventricular TNF-α level and fibrosis in ovariectomized rats. Wistar rats were divided into six(More)
OBJECTIVES To know whether Scurrula atropurpurea is able to modulate total plasma nitrate/nitrite levels, decrease endothelial damage, and increase endothelial progenitor cells (EPCs) in hypertensive rats. MATERIALS AND METHODS The rats were divided in 5 groups: control (normotensive) group, Desoxy cortico sterone (DOCA)-salt hypertensive group, and three(More)
Channa striata is considered as a potential food, because it is known to be used as the treatment of wounds, reduced pain, and as additional energy during illness. This fish is always consumed by rural peoples to having good medicinal qualities. But why this can happen need to be explored. This study was undertaken to determine the nutrients content and(More)
O Ox xi id da an nt ts s a an nd d A An nt ti io ox xi id da an nt ts s i in n M Me ed di ic ca al l S Sc ci ie en nc ce e available at Abstract Advanced glycation end products (AGEs) are known to increase in osteoporosis. Methylglyoxal is AGEs precursor that is toxic to osteoblasts. Methylglyoxal toxicity in osteoblasts involves oxidative(More)
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