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STATEMENT OF PROBLEM Fracture strength of denture base resins is of great concern, and many approaches have been used to strengthen acrylic resin dentures. PURPOSE This study measured the effect of 5 fiber strengtheners on the fracture resistance of denture base acrylic resin material. Impact strength, transverse strength, deflection, and elasticity(More)
The distribution of stress around implants placed in the first molar region of the mandible was biomechanically analyzed in a two-dimensional mathematical model. Two types of implants, vertical and angled, were subjected to a vertical load of 100 N and a horizontal load of 50 N in turn. The magnitudes and contours of compressive and tensile stress within(More)
STATEMENT OF PROBLEM Three commonly used artificial dyes in food technology are erythrosine, tartrazine, and sunset yellow. PURPOSE The color stability of 5 commercially available denture base acrylic resins (QC-20, Meliodent, Trevalon, Trevalon High, and Lucitone) was studied in vitro. METHODS The specimens were exposed to 3% erythrosine, tartrazine,(More)
STATEMENT OF PROBLEM It is known that drying dental stones in a microwave oven can save time, but the strength of the material may be affected by different drying methods. PURPOSE This study evaluated the diametral tensile strength (DTS) of 5 type IV gypsum products at different time intervals using microwave and air-drying methods. MATERIAL AND METHOD(More)
The aim of this study was to measure the colour stability and viscoelastic properties of three commercially available soft lining materials in vitro, by exposing them to 3% erythrosine, tartrazine and sunset yellow solutions. The colour changes were determined using a computer controlled spectrophotometer. The colour change of three soft lining(More)
PURPOSE This clinical trial aimed to evaluate the outcomes of implant-supported mandibular overdentures (ISMOs) using 2 different loading protocols. MATERIALS AND METHODS Two groups of 10 edentulous patients each were selected for the study. Each patient received 2 implants placed in the mandibular canine sites. After 1 week, ISMOs were delivered to the(More)
The objective of this study was to determine the effect of selected surface treatments on the surface texture of a feldspathic porcelain. The three different etchant treatments were, acidulated phosphate fluoride (APF) applied for 10 min and hydrofluoric acid (HF) applied for 1 and 4 min. After acid treatment, half of the specimens from each group were(More)
STATEMENT OF PROBLEM Microwave drying technique for investment materials is believed to be timesaving by accelerating the elimination of free water content. PURPOSE This study compared the diametral tensile strength of 4 investment materials used in removable partial denture framework fabrication. The investment materials were subjected to microwave and(More)
Fracture strength of denture base resins is of great concern, and many approaches have been used to strengthen acrylic resin dentures. Fracture resistance of six commercially available acrylic resin denture base materials were compared, through impact and transverse strength tests. Three rapid heat-polymerised resins (QC 20, Meliodent and Trevalon), two(More)