Nur Amira Samshir

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In this article we present how electrical, magnetic, and thermal interfaces can create and modify taste and smell sensations with new interactions. In future, these technologies can play a vital role in food consumption, food manufacturing, food based interactions and multisensory communication. We provide a detail review of previous electrical, thermal and(More)
THIS tutorial paper describes the development of a new interface for multisensory communications called "Thermal Sweet Taste Interface". By rapidly changing the temperature of the surface of the tongue, this interface is capable of generating virtual sweet sensations. This device may enhance new user experiences in different disciplines such as(More)
This paper presents a new taste interface for multisensory communication called "Thermal Sweet Taste Machine". We developed this interface in order to create sweet sensations, by manipulating the temperature on the tongue, without using chemicals. This device device changes the temperature on the surface of the tongue (from 20°C to 40°C) within a(More)
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